The Rolls-Royce marque has long been the benchmark of automobile for which many aspired to. The Silver Wraith II is an extended wheelbase version of the popular Silver Shadow II, and it was named in honor of the first postwar Rolls-Royce. Along with the cars length, other telltale signs of the Silver Wraith were black polyurethane-faced bumpers and the radiator shell was increased in front-to-back measurement by 15-percent to present a bolder, more massive appearance like that of the Corniche. The Silver Wraith was further distinguished from its shorter wheelbase stablemate by the fitting of the Cornich/Camargue-pattern wheel trims.
The Shadow and its derivatives were the first to utilize a monocoque body and the car ran with a massive 6.75-liter V-8 engine that is both powerful and silky smooth. This is mated to the always reliable GM-supplied automatic transmission. Changes to the Silver Shadow that carried over to this more-upscale model included the addition of rack-and-pinion steering, plus significant improvements to the front suspension that also helped improve the handling and overall performance. These changes ushered in more modern standards that were already available on selected competitors in this fashionable field of vehicles.

The larger Silver Wraith was considered the top-of-the-line for Rolls-Royce in this period and also stands apart due to its Everflex covered roof, small rear opera window and the previously mentioned wheel covers. Increasingly prized by interested collectors, only 2,125 Silver Wraiths were produced by the time production ended in October of 1980.

Pottsboro, Texas, United States