Maintenance Records, Original Window Sticker, Owner’s Manual, Defrost, AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Cloth Interior, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Front Disc Brakes, Fuel Injection, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Steering, Seatbelts-Front, Seatbelts-Rear, CD Player The engine is the exact same 3.8 liter turbocharged V6 found in the Grand National. THE EXACT SAME. That means a whole lot of untapped potential, a wall of torque at any speed, and the ability to smash just about anything on four wheels just by mashing the loud pedal. With legendary reliability, this one remains pretty much in factory-stock condition, meaning no boost upgrades or other issues. That also means it’s a blank slate for improvements, and horsepower has never been cheaper than with the turbo Buicks. The 2004R 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission never seems to whimper at the turbocharged power and with 3.42 gears out back, it’s still punchy on the street despite its luxury underpinnings. It seems to have been fitted with an aftermarket dual exhaust system that gives it a bit of a growl, as well as an aluminum rear end cover, but there are no signs of abuse on the chassis. 15-inch alloy wheels were a handsome choice, but if this were mine, I think I’d buy a set of steel wheels, have them widened for a set of drag radials with whitewalls, and install some glitzy chrome wire hubcaps, then go hunt some Corvettes.

Price: Auction

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Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States