This is an older, but tight truck with very low mileage (25,861 miles).
Has been stored inside. Truck body in good shape. Seats are good.
No accidents.
Ideal for Regular or Emergency Drinking Water Supply

26,000 GVW — only a regular drivers licenses required.
Weighs approx. 16,000 lbs when tank is full of potable water.
Gas fuel. The fuel tank level sender to the gas gauge doesn’t work,
but truck has two, twenty gallon gas tanks. When first tank runs out,
switch to second tank and know it’s time to refill.
Manual, Five Speed Transmission with High/Low Range.
Transmission drives well. New carburetor and exhaust. Passed emissions in Utah.
Stainless Steel, 1800 Gallon, Certified Clean Potable Water Tank,
with connectors and piping
New, Stainless Steel and poly 5 HP Honda Pump, opens for inspection.
New, Food Grade Stainless Steel Valve on Tank, disassembles for inspection.
Ten (10) Canteen Spigots.
All fittings and wrenches for accessing fire plugs.
New Double Backflow Preventer Valve with Pressure Reducer. Backflow Assembly tested and certified.
New Milk Hoses, appropriate for potable water, for filling and draining.
Set up to fill either through tank directly, or through overhead air-gap pipe.
Originally set up to pass Washington State requirements, because they were
the toughest. All required lettering, wheel chocks, road hazard triangles,
fire extinguishers, and chlorine testing kit.

Location: Baker, Nevada, United States

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Originally listed on October 24, 2018. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.