This is a tired 1982 Mercedes Diesel. Would be best used as a full restoration project or parts car. The engine is in great shape and was rebuilt recently and only has a small issue likely due to a worn or clogged fuel pump (likely due to running vegetable oil). It has a crack on the top of the radiator that leaks at high load, but can be driven this way indefinitely as long as you keep the coolant topped off. I started it up and drove it last week, engine ran great. It’s almost rust free, aside from a few patches of surface rust. However, It needs a lot of love. The interior is in disarray and most of the suspension bushings are probably in need of change. The vacuum system also needs work as the climate control is stuck on full heat. The window switches and center console are missing, as are parts of the doors. The leather seems to be in pretty good shape given it’s age and mileage, and I haven’t found any mold or critters.

Location: Grass Valley, California, United States

See listing: 1984 Mercedes Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel Sedan (from October 22, 2018)