1984 Lincoln Town Car

What can I say about this car? Well just know, she is absolutely ready to drive. We bought this car May 20th of 2020. We bought the car on Ebay from a private seller, he said he got it from from a grandson that inherited the car from Tennessee. He said he spent 2000 dollars on car replaced tires and brakes and only replacing items that were worn and dangerous, his words. He said he had to fix antenea and fuel gauge, oh and we had to fix the fuel gauge again, but be warned it runs out of gas between an 8th of a tank and empty. He also told us that the ac would need a charge and would last a few month, this we found to be true. Just know that charge has ran out and the air conditioning will need recharged again if you want cold AC or repaired so you don’t have to charge it before warm summer months. The only reason we are selling this car and a few others is because I recently retired and sold my home that had ample storage for many vehicles. We simply can not have this many cars and keep them all under roof.

Here is what you would want to know before you buy. Let’s start with what we did to this car. When we first got the car it had 15500 original miles, now it has miles 15780. It looks like the guy who sold it to us got the car with 15019, he bought it 2 years before he sold it to us. When we first got the car we changed the oil and filter, did our usual safety inspection. We charged the A/C. We noticed the trans pan was leaking so we pulled pan and did a trans service. Replaced two front shocks. New serpentine belt and pulled the tank to fix fuel level unit. Now let me tell you what you may or may not want to fix. I allready told you about the Air Conditioning not blowing cold at this moment. The top of dash is faded. There are no cracks just faded, so whether you replace it or get it dyed or get a cover made for it, that’s up to you. Whe driving car it drives every bit like it was new, no noises no squeaks or clunking it really floats down the road, but the steering wheel is not perfectly straight, it drives perfectly straight but the steering wheel is a little crooked. If you drive on opposite side of road going the wrong way it’s right on. I would suspect an alignemant would starighten that out. Rest assured, the car does not pull one way or the other. I thinks it’s off by less that 5% grade. The rear view mirror is not glued to windshield, it appears to be just fine, It’s in the glove box. You’ll need to get that glue and glue it back to windshield. I know that’s minor and your probably asking; why don’t you just glue it back on. We could, I just got done driving the car so it’s fresh in my mind. One headlight has condensation in it so I think that would need to be replaced. The light works fine just has condensation in it. It was sold to us with original paint and we did not do any paint work. From a distance the car is perfect, as you get closer you’ll find minor blemishes in paint. I took pictures so you should be able to see everything that isn’t perfect. I personally would not touch painting this car, It’s simply original, and she defiantly is a head turner. That’s it. Everything on the car works and I mean everything. Dual power seats with front and rear tilt. Power windows power locks tilt wheel cruise control am/fm cassette stereo, oh i didn’t check if cassette player works I don’t have a cassette. The CB hand held works and the power CB antennea work. The glass all around is excellent. The rear view side mirrors are good and functional, they are not power but rather the joy stick cable kind and they work just fine. Horn and all the lights work inside and out. The alloy wheels are in great shape. Even the lights around the key holes work. The car starts and runs like if it were a one year old car, as this would have defiantly been my demo lol. I’m saying like a one year old car because we are a chrysler dealership we never sold brand new Lincoln’s. In the 80’s we did have a Ford franchise and I remember getting these Lincoln’s one year old and it reminds me of those days. Not everyone qualified for a Town Car demo. No hitting the gas pedal to start and no crossing your fingers. The engine runs great and is quiet. The transmission shifts great. To be candid, I really hade to look hard to find you things you would want to know that don’t work or maybe would need addressed at some point, but that’s it. Good luck.

Price: Auction

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Location: Alliance, Ohio, United States