505 HP Dyno tested 455 Big Block Buick!!!!!!  400 Turbo Trans, 3000 stall speed converter. Sub frame connectors. T/A rocker parts, Hyperutectic pistons, heads have new guides, valve seals, resurfaced, performance valve job, reconditioned rods, bore/hone cylinders, new cam bearings, magnaflux block and heads, balanced rotating assembly, GS-113A hydraulic cam from Poston Enterprises Buick Parts Body is straight and paint is very nice driver quality. Underneath is AMAZING, this car must have spent its life stored inside, the seams are super clean. tires look great, lots of tread and the Snowflake wheels are wider version ( 8″ ? ) and look awesome.  I love driving this car as it corners like a racing go kart! 4 Wheel Disc Brakes all around. stops on a dime, gives you 5 cents change!  Interior is very nice as well but has some blemishes due to age. There is a spot on rear interior panel where blue finish has come off.

Location: Grosse Ile, Michigan, United States

See listing: 1981 Pontiac Trans Am T-Top (from August 23, 2016)